Sal Island, Cape Verde: Turtle nesting observation

Embark on a unique adventure: Join our exclusive tour to witness the majestic nesting of Loggerhead sea turtles in the protected beaches of Sal Island. This eco-friendly experience takes place from June to October, starting at 8 PM, providing you with the opportunity to marvel at this awe-inspiring spectacle in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey dedicated to the preservation and admiration of marine life!


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Sal Island, Cape Verde: Turtle Nesting Observation


Cape Verde, the world’s third-largest loggerhead turtle nesting site, rivals Oman and Florida, USA. Embark on nightly guided tours from June to mid-October, with August as the peak month.

Witnessing turtle nesting not only grants a spectacular experience but also contributes to the survival of these ancient creatures, accentuating the value of a live turtle over a deceased one. Historically hunted for bones and meat, the unfortunate illegal consumption of turtle eggs persists in some archipelago areas.

Challenges like unsuitable beach conditions often hinder turtles from nesting upon arrival on the coast. Simple factors like noise, specific sand types, or artificial light can deter them. Nonetheless, a 100% guarantee awaits you to witness at least one turtle during the summer season. This sustainable and eco-friendly tour actively supports the thriving turtle community on the island.


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