São Tomé, São Tome and Principe: Scuba Diving – 1 Session (Full equipment included)

São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe: Scuba Diving – Packs of sessions – Full equipment INCLUDED

São Tomé has beautiful dive sites, very little explored, easy and accessible to all levels. The water is hot, often clear and without or with little current.

There is sometimes an important thermoclime from 15-20 meters, so it is reasonable to use combinations of 5 mm, even if the surface temperature often exceeds 28 ° -29 °.

São Tomé is the only place in the Western Atlantic where you can find a real coral reef, very rich and colorful and habitat for a wide variety of marine species. Turtles, moray-eels, fish soldier-fish, surgeons, lobsters, barracudas, flutes, nurse sharks, etc. are recurring presences in dives either north or south. It is also not rare to cross with the large pelagic, especially whale sharks and manta rays.
There are also small animals sought especially by photographers and which are quite easy to find, such as seahorses.

To the north, near our diving center of the city of São Tomé, there are also wrecks of easy access, shallow and with a lot of life to see.
The geological fisionomy of the sea bed is also very interesting with many arches, caves, passages under the rocks absolutely beautiful and easy to do, acessible at all levels.
As there is no decompression chamber in São Tomé (the closest being on the African coast), the diving is limited to 30 meters, which is largely sufficient, because the more interesting dives are done on depths up to 25 meters.
An interesting feature is that of crossing the equator line on one of our dive sites in Rolas, where there is a mark that signals exactly where this imaginary line goes.

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Diving in Sao Tome

Nestled within the Gulf of Guinea are two beautiful islands: Sao Tome and Principe.


Located on the west coast of Africa, the islands offer a remote and beautiful diving oasis within a vast span of ocean as they are one of the only areas for diving on the western coast between Cape town in the south and the Cabo Verde Archipelago further north. This former Portuguese colony is an independent nation and still relatively unknown to tourists making it a prime location for divers to explore. From its wreck diving in the north, the famous Santana Island in the east, and the abundance of seasonal  pelagic life in the South Rolas Islands.

Awesome dives await off the coast of Sao Tome. The pinnacles of Pedra and Dahlo are excellent places to see huge barracuda. The two formations poke above the surface, stretching to meet the sun. You can see octopi in the cracks, as well as a variety of eels. Down at the bottom, nurse sharks relax, waiting for night to fall.

Head to Bone de Jockey, a stellar site that dons a humungous boulder. There are several sites around the huge rock, all of which give great views. There are massive grouper to be found here, sometimes surprisingly massive.

When to dive in São Tomé and Príncipe

Diving in Sao Tome is pleasant all year but the visibility on the islands is clearest from December to March, and you can expect lovely warm water during this time

THE DIVES– The dives are made from the diving centers located on the hotel Pestana São Tomé (north) and Pestana Equador (south), with our partner’s boats. In the North we leave at 8.30 for two sucessive dives and we are back around 12.30 – 13.00. In the south, and given the proximity of the sites, we can go diving from 8.


Sao Tome has not yet been struck by the damaging effects of tourism, neither on land or underwater – a truly refreshing discovery for sure! So don’t wait much longer to visit this incredible place.


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