Boa Vista, Cape Verde: Snorkeling tour

Dive into the wonders of Boa Vista’s marine world with our exceptional Snorkeling Tour – your gateway to discovering the vibrant marine flora and fauna in this breathtaking destination. This 3-hour excursion promises an immersive experience, available for a minimum of 3 persons.

Embark on our adventure in the pristine waters of Praia de Santa Monica and Bahia das Gatas, where you’ll encounter a diverse array of fish and corals. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through this aquatic paradise, ensuring you witness the beauty of various species in their natural habitat. Unveil the secrets beneath the surface with our Snorkeling Tour – an unforgettable exploration of Boa Vista’s underwater treasures!


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Snorkeling in Boa Vista


Cape Verde emerges as a global hotspot for coral biodiversity, ranking among the top ten destinations worldwide. Although traditional coral reefs may be absent across the archipelago, the region is rich in sites teeming with diverse coral communities. One such gem is Baia das Gatas, nestled along the northeastern coast of Boa Vista, where nature has created the perfect marriage of optimal conditions for coral development and a haven for safe snorkeling enthusiasts.

The very name “Baia das Gatas” alludes to the local nurse shark, whose captivating mating rituals unfold in these waters during the summer months. Beyond the spectacle of marine life, the bay boasts a distinctive coral community dominated by species of robust hard corals, fostering an exceptional biodiversity.

It’s worth noting that snorkeling tours are exclusively available during high tide, ensuring the best possible conditions for a memorable underwater experience. In our commitment to responsible tourism, we provide all the necessary freediving equipment, including a wetsuit, non-slip shoes, life jacket, mask, and snorkel. To safeguard the delicate coral ecosystem, we conscientiously exclude the use of fins, allowing you to explore the underwater wonders of Baia das Gatas responsibly.

Embark on an immersive journey with us, where each snorkeling excursion is not just an adventure but a commitment to preserving the unparalleled beauty of Cape Verde’s marine treasures. Explore, discover, and cherish the vibrant world beneath the waves with our guided tours.


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