Zagreb, Croatia: Yugo and the socialist city

Have you ever wondered how it was to live in Zagreb and Yugoslavia back in the 70s and 80s? If you have, now you’ll get a chance to experience it! Our limousine, the one and only – YUGO, will drive you around Zagreb showing what still remains from the previous system. Did you know that Zagreb has the biggest apartment building in this part of Europe called The Mammoth and that it’s still a home for 5000 people? Or, that the Lisinski concert hall hosted the last Eurovision song contest Yugoslavia competed in? Let’s discover those giant concrete buildings, factories and statues, listen to music from a CD or a cassette player, taste a candy called 505 with a line and, finally, grab a drink in a bar that hasn’t changed since the mid-80s!

Duration: 3 Hs.

Up to 3 people


Clear dates

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