Zagreb, Croatia: Yugo Sightseeing tour and adventure

If you arrive in Zagreb and want to have a sightseeing tour combining city’s attractions with an adventure – this is a tour for you! Our licensed local guides will show you all the best Zagreb has to offer while driving a Yugo car!
You will admire one of a kind roof of St. Mark’s church and our cathedral – the highest building in the city. Also, you’ll get to find out what Nikola Tesla was doing in Zagreb back in 1892, check if our members of Parliament arrived to work on time, drive around the Green horseshoe and cross the Sava river only to enter the part of the city built in the ‘70s and ‘80s but still named New Zagreb!
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Tour duration: 45 minutes and covers the city center – the Upper Town and the area around the Cathedral.

Up to 3 people


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