Boa Vista, Cape Verde: Humpback whale watching

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Boa Vista, Cape Verde: Humpback Whale Watching! From March to May, join us on a catamaran for a thrilling 3-hour experience. Witness these majestic creatures playfully breaching the water, accompanied by a knowledgeable marine biologist who shares insights into this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. Our eco-friendly excursion prioritizes the well-being of the whales, ensuring a green and respectful encounter with these magnificent visitors. Don’t miss the chance to create lasting memories with these gentle giants in their pristine natural habitat!


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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: Humpback whale watching


Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Humpback Whale Watching tour in Boa Vista. From February to May, witness the highly anticipated migration of humpback whales to the warm waters of Cape Verde for breeding and calving. As these majestic creatures perform breathtaking breaches and serenade the seas with their beautiful songs, our experienced guides will lead you on an exhilarating catamaran adventure. Delve into the fascinating world of humpback whales, learning about their behaviors, migration patterns, and the crucial role this pristine environment plays in their lifecycle. Capture stunning images of these acrobatic displays, creating not just memories, but a profound connection with these incredible beings. Join us for an immersive experience where the allure of nature’s wonders meets the thrill of discovery, offering a deeper understanding of the marine marvels that grace the waters of Boa Vista.

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