Join 5 Luso Tourism in Limassol, Cyprus for an icredible experience you will never forget: Land Sailing. A lot of fun, speed and adrenaline on the ground for all ages! You don't need any experience to enjoy land sailing.

Cyprus: Land Sailing in Limassol (Akrotiri Salt Lake)

A lot of fun, speed and adrenaline on the ground for all ages! You don’t need any experience to enjoy land sailing! In just 10 minutes of simple exercises you will enter an amazing world of land sailing!

The freedom and adrenaline you feel are the main reasons to give it a try, either alone or with the company of friends.

What is Land Sailing?

Land sailing is an amazing fun sport that basically involves racing on a wheeled yacht that is powered by wind. Land sailing also known as “sand yachting”, “land yachting” or “dirt boarding”. Land sailing or “wind-driven carriage” has been around as a way of transportation and recreation since the 6th century BC, but it became a sport during the 1950s Europe. The sport is especially popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Suitable for all ages (side seats for kids 5-12 years old available).

We provide all the necessary equipment to enjoy land sailing experience!

1 session lasts for 45 minutes.

We depend on a wind, so advance booking is required (minimum 24 Hs.)

Taxes are included.


From 60.00

Clear dates

Land Sailing – Limassol, Cyprus

In the area of Akrotiri, a short distance from the coast of Lady’s Mile, one gets to find large areas with little or no vegetation and sandy soil, as a result of the distinct morphology of the peninsula. There, the ideal conditions are created to dive into blokart.


Blokart is essentially a 3-wheeled kart, which is propelled by the air, using a sail that is quite reminiscent of sailing. In a sense, it is a land sailboat, which can be operated by children from 12 years, to adults of all ages.

Please note that this activity cannot be done anywhere. Take advantage of the opportunity: if you are visiting Cyprus, this time do something different, either with family or friends, surprise them with a land sailing voucher. They will surely like the idea.

Alert: Feelings of adrenaline and freedom can be experienced in this activity.


This activity will be confirmed if the weather is suitable. Otherwise, the reprogramming will always be carried out with the consent of the client.

the meeting point with the Land Sailing – Limassol Cyprus team, is next to the Lady’s Mile beach. Along with the Voucher, you will be sent a map with the exact location.

Refunds are 90% as long as it is notified with a minimum notice of 3 days. Date changes will be free of charge, as long as they are notified up to 3 days prior to the activity.

the duration of the sessions is 45 minutes.

Taxes are included in the price.


We also recommend a visit to Lady’s Mile Beach


The beach, located approximately 10 minutes from the city center, is located near the lifeguard tower and enjoys the main advantages of the Lady’s Mile coast, including fine sand on the shore and seabed. Its relatively shallow depth makes this beach particularly child-friendly.


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