Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde: Snorkeling, fishing and sea adventure

Welcome to Tarrafal

Here we work together with our friend and partner Dario.

He will guide you the best destinations and hidden spots in Tarrafal’s sea and area for snorkeling, fishing and hiking.

This full Lifestyle Experience include: Sailing, fishing, snorkeling, hiking and contact with isolated communities, according to our customer wishes and preferences.

Some areas of the island are only reachable by sea. Experience Tarrafal with 5Luso in partnership with Dario.

All this lifestyle experiences are taylor made, depending on the preferences of our customers.

Lengh of this adventures are between 6 and 8 Hours, depending on the type of activity desired.


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Sea Adventure in Tarrafal, Cape Verde


Undoubtedly, Tarrafal is one of the must visit cities in Cape Verde. While Snorkeling is one of the classic activities in this tourist spot, this excursion will take you further: Snorkeling, sport fishing, hiking and a sea adventure along the coast of Tarrafal Bay to the Ponta Preta lighthouse.

The hikings take place in the vicinity of Monte Graciosa, on the coast of the bay of Tarrafal.

There is the possibility of visiting communities with little connection to civilization in this region, in case the client wishes. In the latter case, access is only by sea.

We can affirm that this tour, the Sea Adventure in Tarrafal, Cape Verde, is one of the most complete and interesting in the whole region, since it includes sports, culture and social activities.

Our guide knows perfectly the area to visit, as well as the culture and the most interesting places.

If you plan to visit the Island of Santiago, do not hesitate: contact us and you will be able to discover the best of Tarrafal.

Tarrafal, Cape Verde


Located in the northern part of the island, Tarrafal can be reached from Praia via the town of Assomada through the interior of the island, or along the coast through Calheta de São Miguel and Pedra Badejo. It has a palm tree lined beach of clean soft sand, a cove, and a stunning backdrop of rocks, a mountain and greenery. The water is blue, mostly clear, and great for water sports, swimming and/or a nice view while you relax.

Surfing is also common in this city. You can practice this activity if you wish on almost all the beaches in the region, taking advantage of the good quality and size of the waves.


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