Senegalese Retreat with Dance Lessons and Bird Watching in Toubab Dialao (3 or 5 nights options)

Ker Lep Jamm: a house-hostel inviting you to explore an Africa beyond stereotypes. It’s a place to step into a different dimension of time and relationships, a meeting point where you can delve into life stories, uncover diverse habits, and experience the exchange between cultures for awareness and well-being.

Immerse yourself in an environment where art, dance, and movement offer experiences that enhance the quality of your travel and vacation.

All of this is in Toubab Dialaw, a fishing village on Senegal’s Petite Côte. Just a stone’s throw from the airport, you can dive into the peaceful atmosphere of the local population, enjoy the calm beach during the day, and feel the lively energy in the evening, especially at sunset.

As the sun sets, the energy softens, and the rosy light blankets the sea, sky, and earth. It’s a pleasure to linger in contemplation, sipping a local juice or beer at one of the laid-back kiosks. Continue your evening with live music or dance performances in one of the various cultural hubs that have chosen Toubab Dialaw as their home over the years.

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Embark on a journey to the heart of Senegal with our exclusive Senegal Retreat – Dance – Beach Package, a captivating fusion of vibrant cultural experiences and coastal delights. From the moment you touch down at the international airport, our warm and friendly driver awaits to usher you into the enchanting world of Ker Lep Jamm.

As you traverse the scenic route to Toubab Dialao, the spirit of Africa dances in the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure. Upon arrival at Ker Lep Jam, our gracious hosts extend a heartfelt welcome, ensuring your seamless transition into the rhythm of Senegal.


Just a leisurely stroll from your accommodations lies the captivating beach, a wild expanse where the sea meets the sky in breathtaking harmony. Discover local shops adorned with handcrafted treasures made from natural materials like bark, wood, and straw. Indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of beachside establishments, some with DJ beats or live music, providing the perfect backdrop to witness the mesmerizing Senegalese sunset.

Immerse yourself in the dance traditions of Senegal with lively lessons led by local teachers and musicians. Experience the polycentric nature of Senegalese dance, a captivating fusion of body movements, intricate footwork, and the occasional use of dance masks.

One of the highlights of our package is a day trip to the Somone Lagoon, where a boat tour unveils the wonders of the mangrove, home to a diverse array of aquatic species and an abundance of birdlife. Relax at the beach, surrounded by natural beauty, and let the rhythmic waves serenade you.


Included in the Senegal Retreat – Dance – Beach Package:

– Transfers to and from the airport
– Senegalese dancing lessons with local teachers and musicians
– 3 or 5 nights accommodation with breakfast
– 1 day trip to Somone, featuring a boat tour on the lagoon for bird watching
– Unlimited beach and fun!

Optional Add-ons:
– Lunch and dinner

– Prices are per person in double, triple, and quadruple basis.
– The 3 Nights option includes 1 dance lesson, and the 5 Nights option includes 3 dance lessons.

Flexible Policies:
– Rebooking: Notify us up to 48 hours before your activity for a date change at no extra charge.
– Cancellation: Receive a 90% refund if canceled by the client before 2 days. For cancellations between 48 and 12 hours before the retreat, a 30% refund is provided.

Taxes are already included in this unforgettable Senegal Retreat, Dance, and Beach experience in Toubab Dialao. Join us and let the rhythm of Senegal become the soundtrack to your adventure!


Senegal Retreat- Dance – Beach

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